Calandia is increasingly being organised on a war footing and enlistment (or conscription) in regular and irregular companies is at a peak not seen since Lucius II's pacification of the North and East under his father's Overlordship.

Each Provincial Aldar is required to raise at least one legion (in the case of sparsely-populated provinces) or one war-group (in the case of wealthier and more heavily-populated provinces) for the Calandian Imperial Army, which is under the direct command of the Sorodhar, Lucius II. After this, each Aldar is required to raise whatever forces are required for the defence of their province. For the most part, however, the Invincible Overlord has allowed the Aldars to maintain and deploy their levies within the Provincial borders. Intelligence is not yet sufficient to warrant the deployment of the full Imperial Army.

The organisation of provincial and imperial forces within Calandia is as follows:

Division Numbers Leader
Patrol 8 men Dolvar
Raid Group 10 patrols = 80 men Den-Keitar
Battle Group 2 Raid Groups = 160 men Keitar
Cohort 3 Battle Groups = 480 men Ledhar
Legion 3 Cohorts = 1440 men Gedhar
War Group 3 Legions = 4320 men Beldhar
Host 4 War Groups = 17 280 men Praudhar

In addition to regular forces, there are a number of special and elite units.

The Gryphon Riders
This force of approximately 4,000 men is an elite mercenary troop, divided into administrative and field cadre who are responsible for coordinating the patrols and expeditions of the eilte scouts recruited by the Overlord.

The Dragon Guard
This force of approximately 230 men is the Invincible Overlord's personal guard. They are elite heavy infantry under the command of Gedhar Flavius Ashuor.

Briarwood City Guard Units
• Guards of the Sun: This elite unit of 120 troops patrols and guards the East Gate (Sun Gate) in Briarwood. It is under the overall command of Ssilith Hssass ('Phoebus').
• Bear Guards: This elite unit of 120 troops patrols and guards the West Gate (Bear Gate) in Briarwood. It is under the command of Ssilith Hssass ('Phoebus').
• Black Lotus Guard: This elite unit of 500 troops forms the guard units for Briarwood Castle, the Senate building and the Black Lotus Gate. It is under the command of Ledhar Trem Hjalmar.

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